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Publishing via Web is standard today. Thus, presenting content via HTML is common, and with tools like Opera Show, S5 1 and HTML Slidy people do recognize that a web browser and a portable format have important advantages when it comes to "real" presentations.

Doing presentations in HTML instead of in proprietary formats was the base idea of PerlPoint, too. When the project was started years ago PerlPoint was designed as a portable generator from an easy to learn text format to HTML slides.

Today, PerlPoint can import other formats on the fly and produce various formats besides HTML, thus it can be used for documentation, web publishing, study notes, CD production and other purposes as well.

Written in pure Perl, the toolkit is very portable. Like Perl, it is easy to start with, and to perform complicated tasks. A PerlPoint result in fact can be a programmed document if required, but still easy to write.

Due to an architecture made to be extensible, users can add macros, filters, styles, template engines, generators and formatters of their own.

Please have a look at the feature list for a broader view. For a quick start, read " Getting started". To learn using PerlPoint, we recommend to proceed with the Tutorial. Enter the project page to download the software. For navigation on this page please see the help section.

1: By the way, S5 slides can be produced with PerlPoint.